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DIVAS Calendar Front

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Power of Parents in Groups

This morning was the Orientation Meeting for our 2011 DIVAS Summer Mentoring Program. At around 9:45 am I was having flashbacks from last year- one parent, two girls and three facilitators. At 9:55 am, same. However, around 10:03 am, people started trickling in, greeting each other. By the time the meeting was in full launch at around 10:25 am, the room was full of parents and program participants. There was also something else happening; mothers were greeting and meeting each other, daughters were engaged in the planning of the meeting--- there was audible and physical 'community' happening, and it was AWESOME... it was AWESOME.

As we gathered to audit our summer schedule, I realized that the way we communicated with each other and connected with the overarching spirit of this program was an answer to prayer. I mean, needs were voiced, provisions were made; ideas were presented, plans of action were adopted. Constructive critisicism, encouragement, creativity, and enthusiasm merged together and I truly believe this program has established the grassroots to become the statewide model we dreamed of in 1999.

How it will all play out this summer, we will see. Six weeks is a long time, but it also goes by in the blink of an eye. My thoughts are that it will all turn out exceptionally beautiful in the end:). Blessings, CH

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