DIVAS Calendar Front

DIVAS Calendar Front

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Prayer List for DIVAS 2011

There is something about writing out your expectations... as if just because you took the time to put your thoughts "out there" it somehow makes you accountable to make sure that your goals are reached.  As we prepare for this year's summer program, there are a host of "wishes" I would like to see fulfilled... I hope I am not alone in my thinking.  You may have a few of your own... please feel free to post your thoughts as well!

1.  I hope that all 30 seats will be filled with young woment of great diversity of gifts and talents;
2.  I hope they come with parents who are eager to join in and be an integral part of the program;
3.  I hope that all of the goals of our curriculum truly serve the needs of our participants;
4.  I hope our Program Facilitators grow even more confident in their capacity to reach our young women with the truth first and fun second;
5.  I hope DIVAS 2011 come as participants and leave as Sisters;
6.  I hope that this program will go to a spiritual level that it has never been before and reach hearts as well as minds;
7.  I hope that the daughters and parents of our program will grow closer and stronger;
8.  I hope that the community will put its arms around this initiative and give us what we need to launch these young women into successful, grounded futures;
9.  I hope that this year's Rites of Passage Banquet will be the most beautiful, most uplifting, most remarkable event in our 11 year history and will serve as an adequate lauch for our statewide initiative.
10. I hope that the LORD will be glorified in all of it and lay His hands upon all involved.

This year feels as if it is the pace setter for the years to come; please keep us in your prayers so that we can win our youth back from popular culture and set them on a road to success and blessing.  If you would like to help, please shoot us an email at divasflorida@gmail.com. Blessings, CH

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